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WMV is supported by the majority of Windows programs, which means that Windows users can easily play them on Windows Media Player, for instance. However, for Mac users, this gets a little tricky, since the Mac default players such as iTunes and QuickTime do not support WMV. You may be forced to find a media player that supports WMV, which may not be as great as QuickTime. This is even harder for Mac users who have upgraded to Mac OS X Lion, which comes with a new improved QuickTime. As such, another solution to the problem is necessary.

WMV converter for mac

Video conversion

Even with the restrictions that Microsoft and Apple have made, such as developing video formats that are only flexible on one platform, Mac users do not have to let this limit them. With the number of video converters that are now available, you can now get all your videos in Mac-friendly formats. This means that you can even get videos from friends who are using Windows, and though formats such a WMV are not very good on Mac, a simple conversion will do the trick. As such, you will want to get the best converting software from the array of choices that you have.

Software options

You can get both free and purchasable software, and one option that you have of freeware is MPEG Streamclip. Though it is meant for encoding, the program also doubles up as a video converter, and also comes with editing features as well as acting as a video player. The program can handle multiple audio tracks and can work with files that are larger than 4GB, but for this, you will have to cut them up into smaller segments. In addition, the program user interface is not the friendliest, even though you will find your way around it.


The other option that you can go for is the Wondershare video converter, which comes with a trial version if you need to test it before you make your purchase. This software is the most versatile and the best for video conversion for the biggest range of video formats, including WMV. This WMV converter for Mac is not just good for conversions, but also comes with editing tools that you will enjoy for a personalized video. These include feature for trimming videos, cropping and merging several videos into one, as well as adjusting the video brightness, contrast and saturation.


While you preview the edited videos for best video effects, you can also take still images of a scene. With the number of formats that this Mac WMV converter supports for both input and output videos, you can be sure that you can enjoy the vides on your Mac as well as other portable players, such as iPod, iPhone, Apple devices, Windows mobile devices and game players as well. The video will also be compatible with all Mac applications, such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro, which you can use to carry out further editing on the videos.